Manual Testing Interview Questions and answers

Manual Testing Interview Questions for Experienced (2012)

This Manual Testing interview questions list is for common interviews in qa testing and mostly gathered from 2012 interview candidate. Short note to mention to all the readers is that the below manual testing interview questions are most commonly asked questions based on the research and opinion poll of several candidates, as the time and technology changes, you may experience different other questions too, hence we are requesting that if you feel any important manual testing interview questions are missing from below list, please mention along with answer in the comment section.

1. What are the components of an SRS?

An SRS contains the following basic components:


Overall Description

External Interface Requirements

System Requirements

System Features

manual testing interview questions

2. What is the difference between a test plan and a QA plan?

A test plan lays out what is to be done to test the product and includes how quality control will work to identify errors and defects.  A QA plan on the other hand is more concerned with prevention of errors and defects rather than testing and fixing them.

3. How do you test an application if the requirements are not available?

If requirements documentation is not available for an application, a test plan can be written based on assumptions made about the application.  Assumptions that are made should be well documented in the test plan.

4. What is a peer review?

Peer reviews are reviews conducted among people that work on the same team.  For example, a test case that was written by one QA engineer may be reviewed by a developer and/or another QA engineer.

5. How can you tell when enough test cases have been created to adequately test a system or module?

You can tell that enough test cases have been created when there is at least one test case to cover every requirement.  This ensures that all designed features of the application are being tested.

6. Who approves test cases?

The approver of test cases varies from one organization to the next. In some organizations, the QA lead may approve the test cases while another approves them as part of peer reviews.

7. Give an example of what can be done when a bug is found.

When a bug is found, it is a good idea to run more tests to be sure that the problem witnessed can be clearly detailed. For example, let say a test case fails when Animal=Cat and.  A tester should run more tests to be sure that the same problem doesn’t exist with Animal=dog.  Once the tester is sure of the full scope of the bug can be documented and the bug adequately reported. This question is one of the most frequently asked manual testing interview questions.

8. Who writes test plans and test cases?

Test plans are typically written by the quality assurance lead while testers usually write test cases.

9. Is quality assurance and testing the same?

Quality assurance and testing is not the same.  Testing is considered to be a subset of QA. QA is should be incorporated throughout the software development life cycle while testing is the phase that occurs after the coding phase.


Typical Manual Testing Interview Questions:

These questions are framed on basis of gathering few common mostly asked manual testing interview questions in walk-ins.

10. What is a negative test case?

Negative test cases are created based on the idea of testing in a destructive manner.  For example, testing what will happen if inappropriate inputs are entered into the application.

11. If an application is in production, and one module of code is modified, is it necessary to retest just that module or should all of the other modules be tested as well?

It is a good idea to perform regression testing and to check all of the other modules as well.  At the least, system testing should be performed.

12. What should be included in a test strategy?

The test strategy includes a plan for how to test the application and exactly what will be tested (user interface, modules, processes, etc.).  It establishes limits for testing and indicates whether manual or automated testing will be used.

13. What can be done to develop a test for a system if there are no functional specifications or any system and development documents?

When there are no functional specifications or system development documents, the tester should familiarize themselves with the product and the code.  It may also be helpful to perform research to find similar products on the market.

14. What are the functional testing types?

The following are the types of functional testing:

  • Compatibility
  • Configuration
  • Error handling
  • Functionality
  • Input domain
  • Installation
  • Inter-systems
  • Recovery

15. What is the difference between sanity testing and smoke testing?

When sanity testing is conducted, the product is sent through a preliminary round of testing with the test group in order to check the basic functionality such as button functionality.  Smoke testing, on the other hand is conducted by developers based on the requirements of the client.

16. Explain random testing.

Random testing involves checking how the application handles input data that is generated at random. Data types are typically ignored and a random sequence of letter, numbers, and other characters are inputted into the data field.

17. Define smoke testing.

Smoke testing is a form of software testing that is not exhaustive and checks only the most crucial components of the software but does not check in more detail.


Advanced Manual Testing Interview Questions


18. What steps are involved in sanity testing?

Sanity testing is very similar to smoke testing. It is the initial testing of a component or application that is done to make sure that it is functioning at the most basic level and it is stable enough to continue more detailed testing.

19. What is the difference between WinRunner and Rational Robot?

WinRunner is a functional test tool but Rational Robot is capable of both functional and performance testing. Also, WinRunner has 4 verification points and Rational Robot has 13 verification points.

20. What is the purpose of the testing process?

The purpose of the testing process is to verifying that input data produces the anticipated output.

21. What is the difference between QA and testing?

The goals of QA are very different from the goals of testing.  The purpose of QA is to prevent errors is the application while the purpose of testing is to find errors.

22. What is the difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance?

Quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) are closely linked but are very different concepts. While QC evaluates a developed product, the purpose of QA is to ensure that the development process is at a level that makes certain that the system or application will meet the requirements.

23. What is the difference between regression testing and retesting?

Regression testing is performing tests to ensure that modifications to a module or system do not have a negative effect on previous releases.  Retesting is merely running the same testing again. Regression testing is widely asked manual testing interview questions and hence further research to understand this topic is needed.

24. Explain the difference between bug severity and bug priority.

Bug severity refers to the level of impact that the bug has on the application or system while bug priority refers to the level of urgency in the need for a fix.

25. What is the difference between system testing and integration testing?

For system testing, the entire system as a whole is checked, whereas for integration testing, the interaction between the individual modules are tested.

26. Explain the term bug.

A bug is an error found while running a program. Bug fall into two categories: logical and syntax.


Senior Tester Interview Questions


27. Explain the difference between functional and structural testing.

Functional testing is considered to be behavioral or black box testing in which the tester verifies that the system or application functions according to specification.  Structural testing on the other hand is based on the code or algorithms and is considered to be white box testing.

28. Define defect density.

Defect density is the total number of defects per lines of code.

29. When is a test considered to be successful?

The purpose of testing is to ensure that the application operates according to the requirements and to discover as many errors and bugs as possible.  This means that tests that cover more functionality and expose more errors are considered to be the most successful.

30. What good bug tracking systems have you used?

This is a simple interview question about your experience with bug tracking.  Provide the system/systems that you are most familiar with if any at all.   It would also be good to provide a comparison of the pros and cons of several if you have experience. Bug tracking is the essence of testing process and is a must asked manual testing interview questions in any interview. Do not forget this.

31. In which phase should testing begin – requirements, planning, design, or coding?

Testing should begin as early as the requirements phase.

32. Can you test a program and find 100% of the errors?

It is impossible to fine all errors in an application mostly because there is no way to calculate how many errors exist.  There are many factors involved in such a calculation such as the complexity of the program, the experience of the programmer, and so on. This Manual testing interview questions is the most tricky questions considered by testers.


33. What is the difference between debugging and testing?

The main difference between debugging and testing is that debugging is typically conducted by a developer who also fixes errors during the debugging phase.  Testing on the other hand, finds errors rather than fixes them.  When a tester finds a bug, they usually report it so that a developer can fix it.

34. How should testing be conducted?

Testing should be conducted based on the technical requirements of the application.

35. What is considered to be a good test?

Testing that covers most of the functionality of an object or system is considered to be a good test.

36. What is the difference between top-down and bottom-up testing?

Top-Down testing begins with the system and works its way down to the unit level.  Bottom-up testing checks in the opposite direction, unit level to interface to overall system. Both have value but bottom-up testing usually aids in discovering defects earlier in the development cycle, when the cost to fix errors is lower.

37. Explain how to develop a test plan and a test case.

A test plan consists of a set of test cases. Test cases are developed based on requirement and design documents for the application or system. Once these documents are thoroughly reviewed, the test cases that will make up the test plan can be created.

38. What is the role of quality assurance in a product development lifecycle?

Quality assurance should be involved very early on in the development life cycle so that they can have a better understanding of the system and create sufficient test cases. However, QA should be separated from the development team so that the team is not able to build influence on the QA engineers.

39. What is the average size of executables that you have created?

This is a simple interview question about our experience with executables.  If you know the size of any that you’ve created, simply provide this info.

40. What version of the Oracle are you familiar with?

This is an interview question about experience.  Simply provide the versions of the software that you have experience with.

41. How is an SQL query executed in Oracle 8?

This is an interview question to check your experience with Oracle and you can simply provide the answer “from the command prompt.”  If you do not have Oracle experience, do not pretend and simply state that you have not worked on an Oracle database. Though this is a common manual testing interview questions, the answers can be different. Because if you have experience in other tools such as TOAD, SQl server etc, you can conveniently answer as per your experience.

42. Have you performed tests on the front-end and the back-end?

This is an interview question in which you should explain whether you performed testing on the GUI or the server portion of previous applications.

43. What is the most difficult problem you’ve found during testing?

This is a simple interview question in which you should provide an example. This is one of  most tricky manual testing interview questions as your answer will decide your job. You need to answer in such a way that your problem solving skills and your eagerness to learn new things, and your dedication towards the job will indicated by your answers.

44. What were your testing responsibilities at your previous employer?

This interview question is very likely being asked to verify your knowledge of your resume. Make sure that you know what is on your resume and that it is the truth.

45. What do you like the most about testing?

There are several answers that you can give for this question.  Here are a few examples:

You enjoy the process of hunting down bugs

Your experience and background have been focused on enhancing testing techniques

You like being in the last phase of work before the product reaches the customer

You consider your contribution to the whole development process to be very important.

Some of the reference we got from Quality Analyst Interview Questions, please comment below your valuable suggestion. To clarify most of the doubts testers have, even though there are different set of interview questions for each category, most of the will be repeated. For example, the questions you are reading in manual testing interview questions may be repeated in database testing interview questions as well. Because there are more generic list of  questions.

Manual Testing Interview Questions PDF download below:

All the Manual testing Interview Questions are converted into a beautiful most user friendly PDF file for our viewers download purpose for repeated use. You can download this pdf from below link.

Manual Testing Interview Questions PDF


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