Civil Engineering Interview Questions

  1. 1.      What is the use of a column building?

A column is a vertical block which is composed of concrete and steel and it cushions the beam and supports the weight of the entire building. It is also used as a decorative purpose.


  1. 2.      Can you specify the difference between tensile and shear strength?

The force that is applied on a bolt alongside its long axis is called tensile strength where as the force that is applied across the diameter of the bolt constitutes the shear strength.


  1. 3.      The famous Empire State Building of USA of built of a specific material. Do you what it is and why it was built in that material?

It was built purely with steel. Steel has the features of being strong and it flexes in the wind. Most importantly it is very cheap when compared to other materials.


  1. 4.      What is the actual density of cement?

A normal concrete has about 150 pounds per cubic centimetre density. This is a measure that includes all the materials like cement, part of the concrete, cement and aggregate.


  1. 5.      What is known as diversion tunnel in a dam?

This diversion tunnel is built of solid rock mainly to bypass the site where the dam is constructed. This tunnel would be right next to the site and the river would flow through this tunnel.


  1. 6.      What is known as rigging?

It is the process where ropes are made use of to move the sails in and around the boat while sailing. When the wind blows, this will enable the boat to travel in the right path.


  1. 7.      Can you specify the reason for a gap in the road bridge?

While the temperature changes, there would be an expansion and contraction of the roads. To avoid any mishaps or space crisis it is a practice to leave some gap.


  1. 8.      What is the usage of Projection line?

It is used in describing the round earth in a piece of paper. It is highly useful for conceiving ideas and processing them theoretically.


  1. 9.      What material is the world renowned statue of liberty comprised of?

It is built of pure copper. The statue was in metallic brown colour when it was built and as years passed by, the exposure of copper to air and water has led to the formation of oxides and hence it looks green in colour now. Copper is always easy to mould and shape and hence it was preferred for constructing that beautiful lady.


  1. 10.  What is known as kn measurement?

It is known as knots. This is the measurement in which the speeds of marine related vehicles are measured.


  1. 11.  What is known as soil enforcement?

It is a procedure that is followed to improve the strength of the soil to make it capable of carrying more loads. Materials like lime is mixed with the soil to improve the soil’s strength or plastic or other composite webbing layers are installed to strengthen the soil.


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