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Sep 22nd, 2012 Comments: 0

Parts of an XML Document

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An XML document is a relatively simple item that is made up of few building blocks. This format has been recommended as a web standard in order for an XML document to be Valid.  Below are the components of an XML document.

•   Prolog (optional)

XML Declaration

Document Type Declarations (DTD)

•   Root Element

Nested Elements

Attributes and Values



Prolog – The prolog is optional and contains the XML declaration and the DTD.

XML Declaration – states the version of XML that is being used.

DTD - Determines the rules that the XML document must follow. A more detailed lesson on DTDs will be visited later in this tutorial.

Root Element – Is the first element in the XML document and states the kind of XML document that it is. There can only be one root element.

Elements and – These represent the different types of data being stored in the XML document.

Attributes – Like HTML attributes, XML attributes have a name-value relationship.

Data – This is the content of the XML file and it appears between the open and closing tags of the elements.

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